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The GNBVT Student Mentor Program’s mission is to empower our staff and student leaders to provide support and meaningful mentoring experiences for our incoming students that will foster a strong school culture and build on every student’s own preparation for their academics and career/vocational success, passion for college and one’s future career, and perseverance for life.

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The GNB Voc-Tech Student Mentor Program is dedicated to create and foster an environment and culture of continuous student growth, leadership development, academic achievement and athletic excellence.
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  • Create a sustainable mentoring program that provides all interested incoming 9th grade students a mentor and encourages and trains these mentees to become mentors by their junior year at GNBVT;
  • To build an intricate web of support to ensure the success of GNBVT mentors and mentees in the classroom and the community;
  • Match incoming students with upper class students that share common interests and provide holistic guidance to ensure a smooth transition from middle school;
  • Provide a variety of academic, vocational, social and emotional supports to enhance the GNBVT student’s high school experience;
  • Provide ongoing leadership training to prepare students for their future destination and continue to serve as leaders for life;
  • Provide impactful real world teachable moments through a speaker series that addresses issues that affect today’s youth (i.e., substance use, violence, relationships, suicide, health & wellness, etc.);
  • Promote growth and development through effective role modeling and guidance;
  • Foster relationships with area college and university students and athletes to mentor GNBVT students and encourage goal setting, accountability, perseverance,  post-graduation planning, etc.;
  • Teach and foster healthy relationship building;
  • Promote the importance of understanding values such as preparation, passion and perseverance;
  • Understand responsibility and accountability and loyalty to one’s self, one’s team/school and one’s community.

The Mentor Program

As we enter into another school year, students please consider participating in the Mentor Program. It is an enriching opportunity for all students involved.  To learn more about the program, go to the Mentor Program Page.  In the Mentor Program, underclassmen will have the opportunity to connect with an upperclassmen / faculty mentors to help support their success in this upcoming school year. If you are an upperclassmen or faculty member interested in the mentor program, please submit an application. It is a great chance to help promote the core values of Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech and “Pay It Forward” in your life.

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