Off Campus Construction

Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech juniors in the Carpentry program have been busy at work building a storage shed at St. Lawrence Church in New Bedford. When GNBVT was first approached to take on this task, junior carpentry instructor Chris Perry decided to take on the project as he felt it would be a valuable hands-on experience for his students. The shed was constructed from the ground up at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech by the students and their instructor. This project became a valuable asset to the framing portion of the junior curriculum.

Under the supervision of Chris Perry, the students are approaching the end stages of this project. The students have gained extremely valuable experience through their participation in this project from start to finish.

This is just one of many community projects the school has been involved in this year. Our Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical students have worked at the Lloyd’s Center in Dartmouth, the Dartmouth Council on Aging, OLOA, Clasky Common Park, Whitfield-Manjiro Museum, the town of Fairhaven, Boys and Girls Club of New Bedford, and Whaling City Baseball and Softball. As always, Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is proud to leave our imprint on the community through showcasing the skills of our talented students and instructors.

Off Campus Construction students carrying plywood
Off Campus Construction students building roof
Off Campus Construction students putting up roof
Off Campus Construction students working in house