Nick Carvalho

nick faces of GNBVT photo

    Meet Nick Carvalho, a junior in Engineering Technology at GNBVT. Since eighth grade, Nick has been interested in biking after finding an old road bike in his shed. After learning how to become comfortable with the road bike’s thin tires, he has been riding ever since. Nick rides a Cannondale Cad 12 bike and owns the average biking equipment such as a helmet, and clipless pedals, and special biking shoes that clip into the pedals of the bike. He plans to own a power meter for his bike soon. He describes his favorite bike as “a road bike with racing geometry.”

What is most impressive are the great distances Nick has trained himself to ride on his bike, traveling 100 miles to Rhode Island, and another day biking 110 miles from Fairhaven to Provincetown. On average he rides 20 miles when sprint training and 70 miles when training for distance. He describes all of these trips rather nonchalantly. Biking has had an influence on Nick’s life.Bike riding has made him more aware of the world around him, “I was able to go and explore the world. Which is really nice. I saw things I never would have. And, unlike being in a car you actually feel like you are a part of the environment.” Overall, Nick has a great passion for bike riding that he plans on continuing to pursue in the future.

“I was able to go and explore the world.”