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A mathematical problem is a problem that can be analyzed and solved. That skill can be applicable to any aspect.

Ms. Lauren Aubertine

Meet Ms. Lauren Aubertine, a Math teacher at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Ms. Aubertine has been a math teacher for 9 years and loves working with kids. Her favorite part of her job are the students and making learning fun and engaging.  Ever since Ms. Aubertine was a child, she has always known that when she grew up, she would be a teacher. 

Ms. Aubertine graduated Dartmouth High School. She believes that math is important to multiple aspects of life and that the skill of solving a  mathematical problem is applicable to solving non-math questions. Ms. Aubertine wants to be able to run a class that infuses lecture and technology into a fun lesson that is applicable to students. She has been a teacher that prioritizes building relationships with students throughout her years working at GNBVT. Ms. Aubertine goes above and beyond everyday to help students in need and is often found after school helping her students who are struggling in math. In addition to teaching, Ms. Aubertine is also a coach for the Cheerleading team and has been participating in most of all the special GNBVT events. In her spare time, she likes to drive a motorcycle and was in a band. She likes to spend most of her time in functions and loves every minute of it. Ms. Aubertine’s is well known for her bubbly personality, her stories, and her commitment to students and the school community.

Faces of GNBVT Manuel Dasilva

“Everyday is an adventure as long as you make it one.” Meet Manuel Dasilva, a senior in Programming and Web development at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. Manuel came to GNBVT, because he was interested in video game creation and coding. His spark for creating video...

Faces of GNBVT Ashley Edwards

“Working as a teacher is diffrent each day, you are able to make a diffrence in kids lives’.” Meet Ms. Ashley Edwards, a teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech.. Ms. Edwards started her teaching career by going to college for Elementary Education , but later switched...

Faces of GNBVT Ava Macedo

"Traveling the world is something that I've always wanted to experience, I use it as a big motivator."Meet Ava Macedo, a Junior in Cosmetology, at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational High School.Due to her artistic nature, before choosing Cosmetology as her shop,...

Faces of GNBVT Efran Garcia

“With hard work and discipline, there’s greatness.” Meet coach Mr. Efran Garcia, the assistant coach of the Varsity soccer team and the head coach for the Freshman soccer team at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Coach Efran Garcia has...

Faces of GNBVT Jake Melo

“I applied for a change of education because I was tired of the regular way of learning.”Meet Jake Melo, a Senior in Engineering and Robotics at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Before deciding to pick Engineering and Robotics, he was interested in all of the shops but...

Faces of GNBVT Jennifer Carreiro

“Everyday is different, it has reminded me how much I love working with students, helping them achieve their goals.” Meet Mrs. Jennifer Carreiro, the Supervisor of Attendance at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. She has been working at...

Faces of GNBVT Kiera Valentina

“Every feeling is temporary which is why it’s so important to enjoy every moment for what it is.”Meet Kiera Valentina, a junior in the Cosmetology program here at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech.. Kiera has a zest for life and a passion for self-expression. She exudes...

Faces of GNBVT Brandon Andrade

“Inspire the youth, believe in them.” Meet Mr. Brandon Andrade, a History Teacher and the JV coach of the soccer team at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Mr. Andrade has been teaching for 8 years, and he’s in his 6th year teaching at...

Faces of GNBVT Lynne Gifford

“I know that teaching is exactly what I was meant to do as a career. I love my students and having fun with them.”Meet Ms. Lynne Gifford, an English teacher here at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Ms Gifford initially did not know she wanted to be a teacher, in fact,...

Faces of GNBVT Nicholas Bennett

“From the smallest memory, to the biggest interaction, I just want my mark to be positive.”Meet Mr. Nicholas Bennett, the Teaching Assistant for Academy B. What interested him in applying for this position was to become familiar with the new world of education at his...

Faces of GNBVT Laurie Hipolito

“What inspires me is trying to do and be better.”Meet Mrs. Laurie Hipolito, a Visual Design teacher here at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. She originally did not want to become a teacher. In her 20s, she spoke to her former professor, asking if she should get her...

Faces of GNBVT Micaela Shea

“Different students, different personalities and learning styles lead to different interactions on a daily basis.” Meet Mrs. Micaela Shea, a Math teacher here at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. She teaches 9th grade Algebra 1 and 10th grade Math Concepts. Mrs. Shea has...
Monthly School Committee Meeting

February 2024 School Committee Meeting

Update: The GNBVT School Committee will be meeting this evening remotely via Youtube The public meeting will begin at 5:45pm and the committee will soon adjourn to executive session. We will reconvene the public session of the meeting at 6:30pm. Continue Reading February 2024 School Committee Meeting