Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

Ms. Katelyn Fitzsimmons

Meet Katelyn Fitzsimmons, an English teacher that has been working at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech since 2016. Ms. Fitzsimmons got her Undergraduate Degree from Bridgewater State University and is currently working toward her Masters in English Education. Before working at GNBVT, Ms. Fitzsimmons worked at City on a Hill as a paraprofessional and a special education English teacher.

Ms. Fitzsimmons is a 2012 graduate of Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. When she was a teenager, she thought she had everything figured out, but quickly figured out that wasn’t the case. As a student in the Early Childhood Education program, she always thought she wanted to work with young children. However, through her continued involvement with SkillsUSA through college, she realized her love for working with teenagers, so she changed her major to English secondary education. Even after she graduated, Voc-Tech always felt like home to her and she knew she would be back. Ms. Fitzsimmons stated that Voc-Tech is her dream job. It is very special to her that she gets to help guide students in the right direction. One of her favorite parts of the job is connecting with students and building relationships.

Ms. Fitzsimmons is a SkillsUSA advisor for our school’s chapter, and works as a Student Leadership Specialist for SkillsUSA Massachusetts. She enjoys working with students on their public speaking skills, leadership skills, and ways to best serve their membership.  Ms. Fitzsimmons loves what she does, and thinks she will eventually pursue a masters degree in Educational leadership. Ms. Fitzsimmons believes that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Ms. Fitzsimmons believes that she is helping educate students and thinks that it’s really special that she gets to do what she does for a living. 


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