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The boys at Voc tech have had their time to shine year after year.  We think it’s time for a change, what do you think?  It’s time for the women to have their turn!! The senior girls are hosting their very first spring fling dance on March 26th, and the whole school is invited!!!  The theme is Mardi Gras, but don’t feel obligated to dress like that.

As many of you know the boys at Voc-Tech have had their claim to fame year after year by being able to compete in Mr. Voc-Tech. This year the senior females wanted the opportunity to raise money for the after prom and give the senior girls a chance to compete and participate in the very first Mrs. Voc-Tech. Obviously, we don’t want to change Mr. Voc-Tech as it is a huge tradition here but we wanted to find a way to include the girls as well.

Miss. Voc-Tech will not be a whole “pageant” show but senior girls will be given the opportunity to compete for the title. So here is how it works. Senior girls will have to CREATE their OWN Mardi Gras mask AND fill out a google form about their time at voc-tech and submit their final project to Mrs.Gaspar in room G141 by March 17th.

After March 17th, the submissions will be judged by a panel of faculty judges based on a rubric and the top 3 senior masks will be chosen to go into the finale.   Those senior girls whose mask was chosen to go into the finale, in no particular order, the girls will go in front of the student body and be asked one final question. Their answers will be judged by the committee and our very first Mrs. Voc Tech will be crowned.

Senior Females are encouraged to make their own mask as unique as possible, as creativity is a big portion of the rubric. Answer the questions honestly and not how you think the judges will want to hear. This is our time to shine and help out the after prom and make it the best we can!

Even if you do not qualify for the top 3, senior girls will also be given the opportunity to win people’s choice. People’s choice will be voted on by the entire student body during multiple lunch shifts.

  • First place will win $100
  • Second place will win $50
  • Third place will win $25
  • People’s choice will win $25

Tickets will be on sale starting 3/14 during all lunch shifts.  Mardi Gras Spring Fling is hosted by the Misses of Voc-Tech. The dance is open to all GNB students and is $5 per student.