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GNBVT Dedicates Student Forum to Former Superintendent, Michael Shea

It is no secret that Mr. Shea was an inspiration to all throughout his career as a teacher, coach, department head, principal and superintendent. Our newest addition to the building was initiated by Mr. Shea and his team while he was still our superintendent. For that, the student forum was dedicated to him at the Spring Advisory Committee Dinner.

He is the definition of an Artisan – he always led with his heart and has left a legacy at Voc-Tech that will live on forever. Mr. O’Brien, our current superintendent and former student of Mr. Shea’s, spoke about the influence that he had on him as a student. Dave Ferreira, the former president of MAVA, who could not be at the dedication, sent a message to Mr. Shea congratulating him on his achievement, “Congratulations on years of dedicated and exceptional service to this incredible school. So many have benefitted from your leadership and the high quality standards of excellence that you established.”

Accompanied by family and friends, Mr. Shea spoke about how Voc-Tech has affected him, “I gave not just my knowledge but my heart to this unbelievable school. I loved this school when I worked here and I love this school today” he said. Mr. Shea still serves on our School Committee and continues to be a vital part of our school community.

The student forum was dedicated to Mr. Shea, not only to honor him as an individual, but to celebrate the impact that he has made on our school community years after he has retired. Mr. Shea, it is an honor to have you continue on as a member of the Voc-Tech family.

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