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Student Sarah Doyle Receives METTA Grant for Outstanding Community Service

Sarah Doyle, a junior in Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech’s Diesel Program was awarded with a $1000 METTA scholarship in recognition for her dedication to veterans. Sarah began her programs, Operation Care Package and Military Pen Pals about six years ago and has raised over $20,000 for veterans in that time. Throughout the year, Sarah organizes many different events that include sending care packages overseas, car washes, breakfasts, and spaghetti suppers to raise money for veterans. “I’m not done. I want to keep going” Sarah said. “There’s just so much we can still do and I will never get used to them thanking me. This is for them.” Sarah is the 47 th recipient of the METTA student scholarship. “I saw this award and thought of Sarah immediately.” Diesel instructor Henry DeGrace said. “As a veteran myself, I am touched by the work she has done.”
This grant is awarded once a month to a student who has participated in an outstanding amount of community service. The foundation was started by Norm Kelly in 2012 and is awarded monthly. “METTA honors love and is aimed to encourage kindness and compassion in a world filled with so much negativity. Giving this award is our way of spreading positivity” Norm remarked.

For more information on Sarah’s efforts, you can visit her webpage at

To see a video about Sarah Doyle and the Metta Grant click on the play button below.

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