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The GNB Voc-Tech Student Mentor program is a way to empower our staff and student leaders. These leaders provide support and meaningful mentoring experiences for our incoming students. This program fosters a strong school culture and supports each student’s own preparation for their academics and career/vocational success.

One mentor, Jayde Bousquet, offered her story about her experience as a new mentor this year.

[su_quote]You can be apart of the change that want to see in the world, all it takes is one person to change another’s perspective, then it becomes a chain reaction.

– Jayde Bousquet[/su_quote]

One Mentor’s Story

What does it mean to be a “mentor?”

As a mentor, I try to be a good and positive influence on the freshman.  I am also responsible for helping them with any issues that they have.

Why did you want to be a mentor?

I am a mentor because I believe the program will have a good influence on the school, and I really care a lot about the school and helping it be the best school for high schoolers.

Which leadership skills were the most difficult to develop?

The hardest skill to develop was communication. I had to really step out of my comfort zone, and I had to talk a lot with the freshman (many of them I did not know).  I learned how to talk with people I didn’t know well on a more personal level.

What is it like to be a mentor?

Being a mentor is a very fun experience and it’s amazing being able to help others, which I think is a great thing to do.

What is the most important part of being a mentor?

The most important part of being a mentor is caring about people, and wanting to go out of your way and make a difference in the school.