Mckenzie Arruda

By Sasha Machado

Mckenzie Faces of GNBVT photo

    Meet Mckenzie Arruda, a senior in Visual Design. Mckenzie has always loved the arts “I would be drawing with one hand and curling my hair with the other” she recalled. Mckenzie always challenges herself to finish a project because she always has new ideas to create new and exciting work. Mckenzie is not partial to just one particular form of art. In fact, she loves anything from photography to drawing. Mckenzie chose Visual Design because she wanted to increase her knowledge and her skills in art. Despite the fact that she was unable to explore it during freshman exploratory, she didn’t let that stop her. She went after school and stayed with Mr. Heath to get more information about the shop and at that moment, she knew that was her choice. As a senior here at Voe-Tech, she will remember the memories she has with her friends and how they taught her so many lessons such as teamwork, friendship and love. The greatest lesson that Voe-Tech has taught her is if you want something, you should fight for it.

Despite her passion for the arts, after high school, Mckenzie is planning to go to college to become a veterinary nurse. With her love for animals and wildlife, she wants to do anything in her power to help them out. Once she becomes a veterinarian, she wants to go back to college to get a degree in graphic design. Mckenzie never wants art to leave her life. Mckenzie is a bright soul who will always go out of her way to help a friend. Mckenzie hopes that she will be remembered as a genuine person and she hopes in five years that she has achieved her goals as a tattoo artist and a veterinary nurse.

“I would be drawing with one hand and curling my hair with the other.”