Grade 10 MCAS Testing Information
  • Grade 10 (Current Sophomores):All Grade 10 students will be taking the ELA MCAS test on May 28 and June 1 and the Math MCAS test on June 2 and 3.
  • Grade 11 (Current Juniors): The Board of Education has approved a modified Competence Determination (CD) for the Class of 2022. The modification allows students in the class of 2022 to receive their CD by earning full credit in an approved course and demonstrating competency in that subject (ELA, Math, Science) in lieu of earning a qualifying MCAS score. This means that current Juniors do not need to take the MCAS tests in order to receive a high school diploma. Juniors were notified and some selected to take the MCAS tests to qualify for scholarship programs.