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By being involved with this project, our students are exposed to many of the Carpentry frameworks on a real live project.

Frank Goncalves

Carpentry Instructor, GNB Voc-Tech

The building of the all new maintenance garage, which was a long awaited project at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech was recently completed. Zeb Arruda, who is the head of facilities spearheaded this project and is proud to report that the project only used outside companies to do the underground utility work and build the foundation. The remainder of the project was completed by sourcing the talents of our students and faculty in our Career and Technical Areas and Facility Management Staff to build the entire building from the foundation upward. The project began with a design from our Architectural and Mechanical Design Shop and is now in the hands of Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, amongst others to come. 

Frank Goncalves, carpentry instructor reflected on the value of this project for his students, “By being involved with this project, our students are exposed to many of the Carpentry frameworks on a real live project. This is a wood frame structure students learn about code, engineered wood materials like LVL’s  roof trusses. My students have learned about job site safety ,ladder and scaffolding safety, fall protection safety, and aerial lift safety all using this project to better train the students. Other frameworks students will learn are roofing ,siding, window and door installation and many others. This project allows us to expose and train the students on real life work sites giving them the best possible learning experience” he said. 

The Maintenance Garage will house all of our grounds maintenance equipment.  Our Grounds crew will work out of this location.  this will replace the current location they are working out of, near Church St. The building  is located on the west side of our school, directly behind Welding and our newest shop, Marine Technology. This project originated about 5 years ago and is part of our masterplan at our school. This project has allowed Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech to remove the current location where our grounds staff is currently housed near Church St. and will allow the school to eventually build an entrance off of Church St.