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Lloyd Center, LBC Welcome Center

Over the years, our students have been busy at the Lloyd Center constructing the state of the art Welcome Center. The Living Building Challenge Welcome Center is a small building with an enormous impact as it is an environmentally friendly building and couples hand in hand with our school’s green initiative. Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is making history; our work is in alignment with international standards with fewer than 30 buildings certified worldwide. Upon completion, the building and our student artisans will receive state, national and international recognition.

When our students started this project, the central focus was on the metal roof which required specific applications before the actual roofing product could be installed. Hold down anchors which were completed in part by donated equipment by HILTI along with various framing components throughout the building were constructed. The windows have been installed per the manufacturer’s specifications and were demonstrated in our carpentry shop on a mock up wall prepared by our students.

Since then, the students in the Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC programs have continued to participate in the construction of this building. In addition to the actual construction, a variety of our other Career and Technical Programs have been instrumental in the process of our involvement in this project. Our Engineering students have designed a bicycle rack that will be at the site. Media Technology students have been monitoring the project with photos and video throughout its entirety which will contribute to the actual LBC certification. Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is proud to be partnering with the Lloyd Center to truly leave an impact on the community and the environment.

To learn more about the Lloyd Center go to