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Leah Ignacio

leah photo

    Leah Ignacio is a senior in Visual Design at GNBVT. One of her favorite projects in shop was for the Light House Cafe. It was a photography project, where students took photos of New Bedford, Fairhaven, and Dartmouth to display in the cafe. The best part of Visual Design to Leah is having the ability to express herself and seeing other express themselves. Leah loves to paint, play the piano and the guitar and she is self-taught in all of these aspects of art.

Leah also enjoys drawing, sculpting, and even singing. Art is used as a therapeutic tool for Leah, she likes to create art or play music to lift herself up out of a bad mood. One artist that inspires Leah would be Banksy, a graffiti artist. Though art has always been a part of Leah’s life, after graduating she wants to major in a field of science in college; her dream job is to work in a lab. She doesn’t want to give up creating art though, she will probably minor in photography so that she can still have art in her life. Whether it’s drawing, painting, writing or singing, Leah puts a lot of passion into the work she creates.

“Everybody here is very welcoming and they’re always here to help you.”