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Keyla DePina

By Darian Barreto

Keyla Faces of GNB Photo

    Keyla DePina has dreamed of owning her own business ever since she was a child. It wasn’t until the end freshman year that her dreams changed. After attending a lecture from a FIDM promoter, she realised fashion was her true calling. Ever since then Keyla has been on the path of creating a fashion empire.

With the help of Ashley Clark, Keyla created a Fashion Club at GNBVT. They created the club to give students an opportunity to explore their creative side through fashion. Since the fashion program at GNB Voc Tech was cut down to a two year program Keyla has invested more time and energy in the club to show that the fashion program is wanted and needed at GNBVT. She has even participated in the school’s Annual Fashion Show, creating outfits as well as modeling them.

Keyla plans on using what she has learned at GNBVT to attend FIDM a prestigious fashion institute located in Los Angeles. She wants to major in Merchandising & Marketing and take an Advance Program in Business Management. By the end of four years Keyla will have earned two degrees, which will help her kick start her own business.

After college Keyla plans to move to New York and open her own store. She intends to trademark the names Mari and KMari. She said “Mari will be a ready to wear collection while KMari will be for more couture designs.” Her store will feature different Mari collections such as streetwear, lingerie and a thrift store section. She wants to use the name KMari to create designs for celebrities. Keyla’s fashion empire is starting to flourish and everyone should watch out for this star on the rise.

“All I want in life is to be happy. I want to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. I hope I’m enjoying life to the fullest.”