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Kayla da Silva

By Olivia Benoit

Kayla Faces of GNB Photo

     As a Junior in Early Childhood Education, Kayla da Silva already has an impressive resume of accomplishments. Kayla’s inspiration to become an educator comes from a long list of teachers that she has had throughout her years as a student. “I want to motivate and encourage children to find themselves and learn so they have a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.” Kayla explained. She plans to continue in this field and eventually open her own children’s center. Kayla is enthusiastic about her role at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech and it shows through everything she does. She participates in cheerleading, Skills USA, mentoring, and volunteering. “I want to give back to my school and help people anyway I can.” Kayla said. She especially demonstrates this mentality through her involvement as a school mentor and volunteer. When Kayla was asked about being a mentor she replied, “I want to help the freshmen succeed and help them have confidence in themselves in the new environment.” While at GNBVT, some of Kayla’s biggest accomplishments include receiving a BEAR award, being an athlete of the week, earning the spirit stick, making many new friends, teaching over 80 children, and balancing all of her responsibilities. Kayla credits GNBVT with teaching her what hard work is, what it is like to balance many activities at once, and important skills such as perseverance, communication, and confidence.

     Outside of school, Kayla is going on her 14th year at Dancemakers in Fairhaven as a dancer and tumbler. Her school activities and part time job at Tropical Smoothie in Fairhaven in addition to her many outside hobbies keep her busy. Kayla explained, “these hobbies improve my downtime by keeping me active and giving me something to look forward to throughout the day.” Through her constant involvement and motivation, It is clear through her many goals and accomplishments that Kayla well rounded and has amazing goals for her future. Kayla excels in everything she does and is an outstanding member of the Greater New Bedford Voc Tech family.


“GNBVT has taught me what hard work is, what it is like to balance many activities at once, and importance skills such as perseverance, communication and confidence.”