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Judith Ripley

By Korey Oliveira

Judith Ripley

Judith Ripley is a retired English teacher that taught at GNBVT since 1986. She went to college and double majored in History/ELA and also mastered in counseling. Out of her 31-year career at GNBVT she only taught English during the past 10 years. Not only did Ms. Ripley work as both an English and History teacher, but also worked in the labor department as a bricklayer and was one of the only bricklayers of her time here New Bedford. Ms. Ripley has a farm that she takes care of with over 40 chickens and likes to create her own vegan recipes. One of her chickens was hatched at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech in Early Childhood Education. She took him in and named him Randy.

Ms.Ripley loves working with her students, mostly in a small group or individually. She loves the twinkle in their eyes when they love the literature that they are reading. She believes that she learns just as much from her students as they do from her. Ms. Ripley’s legacy will live on through her students she has taught over her 31-year career. Ms. Ripley believes that in order for a teacher to show qualities of an excellent teacher you have to realize that teaching is not a job — it’s a service to the students and community. It is all about the next generation.

Ms. Ripley’s love for the English Language follows through with her love for reading, especially reading Dystopian Fiction, especially zombie scenarios to be more specific. She thinks that it is the perfect metaphor for life, that when things go wrong and everything looks bleak, people band together and get through the tough times and always look on the bright side. Ms. Ripley has retired from Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech after 31 years of service. Thank you for all you have done for our students and we know that your legacy will continue to live on.

“This is not a job, this is a life of service to the students and to the community.”