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My parents have pushed me to become a better person and keep me going no matter what.

Janell Vo

Meet Janell Vo, a top student in her class and a senior in Medical Assisting. Ever since Janell was a child, she knew she wanted to work in a field where she could help other people. Janell chose to come to Voc-Tech because she felt it would give her a head start in learning about the medical field. Now a senior student, Janell hopes to continue her studies in the medical field and become a doctor, a pediatrician, or a pharmacist. 

To continue her studies Janell hopes to attend Northeastern or UMass Boston. Janell would like to to study and eventually obtain a Doctorate Degree, or get her Pharm D, if she chooses to be a pharmacist. She believes that the Medical program at GNB-Voc Tech has helped prepare her through real-world experience in the medical field. Because of her knowledge attained through this program, Janell has extensive knowledge about complex human body systems, human biology and more. Janell believes that the most important part of her education is her ability to practice different medical procedures both with classmates and on Co-Op. 

Janell’s biggest role models are her parents and two of her teaches, Ms. Blanchette, and Mrs. Cziska. Her parents immigrated to America and had to work extremely hard to give Janell and her brother a better life. Janell’s parents inspired her to become a hard worker. Janell is extremely ambitious, goal driven, and always tries to put her best foot forward. Her family means a lot to her and because of this and spends her free time helping them, and taking care of her brother.

Janell also participates in Rachel’s Challenge Club, which is dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place. She is also a member of National Honor Society and is involved with many community service programs such as Gifts to Give. Most recently she has donated her hair for a non-profit agency.

Through her hard work and tenacious drive, Janell has made it clear that she lives her life with Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech’s values in mind: preparation, passion and perseverance. Janell stated, “In order for one to succeed, you need preparation, because you have to be ready, passion, because you have to love what you do and perseverance because you have to strive and keep going even if you don’t want to.” 


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