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Article by Spencer Jordan and Jhona Coombs

Photography By: Justin Pereira

Inherit the Wind is a 1955 play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. It dramatizes the real-life 1925 case of the Scopes Monkey Trial. In the play, a Tennessee high school teacher, Bertram Cates, teaches the theory of evolution to his students. This violates a state law and Cates is put on trial, which forces Cates to battle for the right to think freely.

The show will start on Thursday, December 6th at 7 pm, as well as Friday, December 7th, and Saturday, December 8th, at 7 pm, with a matinee on Sunday afternoon, December 9th, at 2 pm. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $6 for students.

Important players in this court case are as follows: Rachel Brown (played by Legal & Protective Services senior, Mary-Kate DaCosta), Cates’ fiance who is also a teacher of second graders at the Hillsboro Consolidated School, loyal to the law, and torn between her love and her town. Bertram Cates (played by Media Technology junior, Ryan McCarthy), our focal point of the show, high school teacher at the Hillsboro Consolidated School, freethinkers, and writes to Hornbeck’s publisher in hopes to get help in his case. Reverend Jeremiah Brown (played by Electrical Technology senior, Patrick Lawrence), Hillsboro religious leader and stern father of Rachel, who loves God and is loyal to him always. E. K. Hornbeck (played by Media Technology senior, Jhona Coombs), self-appointed most brilliant journalist in America, sent to Hillsboro to cover the court case for the Baltimore Herald, as well as support Cates in his free thinking. Judge (played by Visual Design sophomore, Laura Pereira), who acts as the legal voice for the case, determining Cates’ sentencing, though she is very much against evolution and the teachings of it, much like the rest of the town. Tom Davenport (played by Media Technology senior, Colby Texiera), the local district attorney who assists Brady in the conviction of Cates. Matthew Harrison Brady (played by Culinary senior, Kobey Medeiros), national political figure, Christian fundamentalist, and Nebraska native, sent to Hillsboro to prosecute Cates while holding strong beliefs for the literal truth of the Bible, posing as a prophet for the Hillsboro citizens. Henry Drummond (played by Culinary senior, Cameron Costa), a famous lawyer from Chicago whom the Baltimore Herald sends to Hillsboro to defend Cates, fighting for his and everyone’s freedom of thought.

Inherit the Wind is known to be one of the most exciting dramatic plays of our time.

Other players, all important in their roles, in the court case are Mrs. Brady (played by Media Technology senior, Sasha Machado), Mayor (played by Media Technology junior, Samantha Masse), Meeker (played by freshman, Sarah Lopes), and the townsfolk: Kaitlin Aurelio, Stacy Bazile, Sofia DaSilva, Alana Diaz, Autumn deSousa, Madison Docca, Abbey Frias, Bronté Girard, Kara Koska, Tessa Laliberte, Asher Machado, Ryan Marcelino, Tiffany Martins, Alyssa Oliver, Julia Quintin, Alexandra Silva, Jillian Simmons, Abigail Souza, and Monica Teves.