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Banner with school logo and school name and motto
Banner with school logo and school name and motto
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At Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech you’ll get a great academic education, and you’ll also learn the technical and vocational skills that can jump start your career as soon as you walk off the stage at graduation.  See, we don’t just get you ready for college, we get you ready for whatever your next steps might be.

Please let your family and friends who have students in the 8th grade and reside in Dartmouth, Fairhaven or New Bedford that GNB Voc-Tech is still accepting applications!

The first round of acceptances will be sent out at the beginning of March 2021.

Can you ever be too prepared when you graduate from high school?


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View GNB Voc-Tech in an immersive 360 video to learn more about the school.

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Gnb- Voc Tech Celebrates Black and Women's Contributions to Technical Careers
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We offer a great variety of robust, weighted academic classes that range from College Prep to Advanced Placement Courses. Our plan is to get students prepared for college and the courses they are going to take there. Our curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Additionally, the career and technical skills that they acquire give them a competitive advantage when entering college, the workforce or the armed services.



Special Services and ELL:

Our student needs are the main focus for every student in the school.  Students on (or in need) of an individual education plan are guided by our staff to reach their best.  Both departments encourage significant parental involvement and communication between the school, the family and the student.  Instructional support is concentrated on the goal to help each student be successful in both their academics and vocational trade.



Co-Op and Placement:

Qualified students have the opportunity to work at a job within their chosen field during school time.  The students alternate between school and work opportunities during their six-day shop cycle. Placement is used for training in their field while Co-Op functions as both an apprenticeship and also a job in which students get paid for their work.  In both programs, students get the opportunity to work and leave their artisan imprint in the community.


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