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The Marine Technology Post-Secondary program at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical Institute (GNBVTI) has launched and is enjoying smooth sailing in their first trimester. The inaugural student cohort has achieve several milestones.  The GNBVTI marine students earned their Boating and Safety Course credentials, and began applied learning projects utilizing the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) curriculum.

The Marine Technology Post-secondary certificate is a one-year three-trimester program. The program started their first trimester in September. Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and select Saturdays.  Students receive GNBVTI certificates after successful completion of each 300-hour trimester course and will receive a 900-hour vocational certificate from GNBVTI after completion of all three trimesters. The first cohort is scheduled to complete the certificate program in June.

GNBVTI is in the process of obtaining Chapter 74 approval from the Department of Secondary Education (DESE). Chapter 74 is the Massachusetts Department of Education accreditation of career and vocational technical education programs. Chapter 74 programs are comprehensive education and training programs providing students with the knowledge to master core skills and competencies to enter their particular trade. The program curriculum reflects an educational framework with input from employer-based advisory committees.

John Bernier, a lifelong marine specialist and instructor, is serving as the inaugural faculty member for the GNBVTI Marine Technology program. He has worked as a marine technician, service manager, maritime consultant, and in several other aspects of the trade.  John taught Marine Systems at the IYRS School in Rhode Island, as well as Marine Technology at Massasoit Community College.  He has developed and instructed marine classes including ABYC curriculum.  Mr. Bernier holds trade certifications from Mass Maritime Academy, Association of Marine Technicians, Volvo Penta, John Deere and Suzuki and holds professional affiliations with the Association of Marine Technicians (AMTECH), the Marine Industry Technical Education Committee (MITEC) and the Mass Marine Trades Education Committee.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Cape Code Marine Trades Association and is a Massachusetts Boating Safety Course Instructor for the Mass Environmental Police.

For more information on the GNBVTI Marine Technology Post-secondary program or to enroll in the program, please contact Rick Quintin, Director of GNBVTI, at or 508.998.3321 x195.

About GNB Voc-Tech School District

The Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical School District mission is to provide education that is rigorous, relevant, and meaningful to each student in a safe and supportive environment, resulting in academic, career and technical excellence. The district provides educational opportunities for high school students and adult learners. This experience encourages lifelong learning, fosters mutual respect, and instills social responsibility, respect for diversity, and responsible citizenship. The district has a public, four-year vocational technical high school and a public post-secondary Institute offering open and selective enrollment programs. GNB Voc-Tech is one of the largest vocational-technical districts in Massachusetts with over 2,200 high school students and more than 1,500 Institute students annually. The school’s roots date back over a century, to the creation of the New Bedford Independent Industrial School in 1908.