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GNB Voc-Tech Football Heads to the Playoffs After winning, 35-13, in the South Coast Conference vs. the previously undefeated Case, the Voc Tech Bears will be heading to Rockland tonight to compete in the SCC playoffs.   This is the 1st time the team will be going to the
playoffs in 6 years.

Everybody very focused , the energy is great, as it should be, when your team is in the playoffs for the first time in six years 

Justin Cruz

Head Football Coach, GNB Voc-Tech

“The attitude is like I said, unfinished business everybody very focused , the energy is great, as it should be, when your team is in the playoffs for the first time in six years, the energy and the attitude is positive right now. We are going to keep that rolling hopefully as the week goes on.”

When he was asked about the team motto, Coach Cruz confidently replied, “Family. Their bond amongst themselves, as teammates, I get pictures all the time from parents, from the kids, of them hanging out outside of football, doing pre-game dinners, just hanging out on random days that aren’t really scheduled events. I think that their bond with one another is what makes them special and their ability to work hard.”

“I think making it to the playoffs is great in my second year,” said Coach Justin Cruz. “It means a lot to the kids, that was a goal for them in the beginning of the year.”

The Bears win against Case was their second win straight.

The win propels the Bears into the No.7 seed vs. Rockland Bulldogs. Rockland, who is currently undefeated, is #1 within their Conference. When asked about how his team is getting prepared and energized for the game, Cruz said, “I think
the energy, it’s going to come from within them, usually if it has to come from us (the coaches) then it’s never a good thing, so when the guys can get themselves energized you know that we are in a good place.”

The game will be held tonight, Friday, Nov. 1st.