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GNB Boys and Girls Basketball Camp
For Boys and Girls
Ages 8-16
July 22 – July 25
On the Campus of GNBVT

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Shooting Instruction
Extra Help Stations
Camp T-Shirt for every Camper

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3 on 3
Foul Shooting
3 Point Shooting

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Mike Prior – GNB Voc-Tech

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Marcio Santiago – GNB Voc-Tech

Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

Wadley Dasilva – GNB Voc-Tech

Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

Serge Moniz – Bristol Community College

Head Womens’ Basketball Coach

Limited Enrollment
– Register Early –
Don’t be left out! Boys & Girls Ages 8 to 16

Michael Prior Camp Director Phone Number

Greater NB Boys & Girls Basketball Camp 1121 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford, MA 02745

PARENTAL CONSENT The undersigned, being a parent or legal guardian of the child requesting camp admittance, does hereby affirm that the ap­plicant is in good health, and suffers from no illness, disability or condition that requires the taking of medication on a regular basis unless that condition is disclosed and approved. Furthermore, the undersigned has no knowledge of any reason the applicant can not participate in vigorous physical activity. The undersigned hereby expressly agrees to be responsible for any medical bills incurred in the treatment of any illness or accident. In the event of any such accident or injury, I hereby consent to allowing any of the camp supervisors to procure any medical treament deemed advisable on behalf of my child or ward without prior consent. No medical insurance is provided by Greater New Bedford Boys & Girls Camp. I understand that as a condition of admittance, the undersigned, on behalf of al I parents and guardians, and on behalf of the applicant, hereby release G.N. B. Boys & Girls Camp and al I employees or agents of the camp from any and al I I iabi lity from injury or illness, mental or physical, suffered by the child during or related to camp, unless caused by willful act or gross negligence by the person or entity against whom the claim is made.

Each youngster is subject to immediate dismissal if she does not comply with the camp rules and regulation or if the student is found to be detrimen­tal to the interest of the program. NO REFUNDS.