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Frank Crossley

Dr. Frank Crossley is a pioneer in the field of titanium metallurgy. He began his work in metals at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago after receiving his graduate degrees in metallurgical engineering.

In the 1950s, few African Americans were visible in the engineering fields, but Frank Crossley excelled.

Crossley received seven patents, five in titanium base alloys that greatly improved the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Crosley’s contributions to Aircraft and Technology are influential to the students both in the Engineering Field in the Arts and Manufacturing Academy and those learning in the new career major, Marine Technology and Aviation in the Agriculture and Construction Academy. 

In the Marine Technology and Aviation career major, students will be prepared to pursue a variety of career paths in the marine and aviation industry.  From occupations such as a mechanic to underwater welder or boat captain, the curriculum will be delivered using a multimodal approach which includes both hands-on learning and classroom theory instruction.

marine exploratory student working on an engine