Family Engagement Center

The Parent Cafe

The Parent Cafés are be brief 2-3 hour informal sessions where families will be invited to stop by for coffee and to discuss important topics/issues impacting students/families. We will have a designated topic each week and will leave some time at the end for meaningful discussion and recommendations for future topics of interest.

Parent Cafés provide a safe, non-judgmental opportunity for parents and caregivers to build their protective factors while engaging in conversations about what it means to keep their children safe and families strong, while also building parent leadership.


A parent café is a place where parents of all types can gather and share their stories, their experiences, their worries, their fears, their wisdom, and find community and strength together.


Research demonstrates a strong link between what parents know about parenting and child development and how they behave with their children. Parents with more knowledge are more likely to engage in positive parenting practices, whereas those with limited knowledge are at greater risk of negative parenting behaviors.


  • Are parent cafes evidence based?
Parent Cafés are a research-informed practice, drawing on the research base of the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors. The effectiveness of Parent Cafés is supported by over a decade of experiential evidence in communities in the US and internationally, as well as by evaluation and research conducted independently which shows that Parent Cafés are effective in achieving short-term outcomes that are the foundation for the intended long-term outcomes, such as families experiencing increased well-being.