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“Work hard and it will pay off. It might seem hard but the ending is so amazing.”

Susan Lagasse

teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech

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Meet Ms. Susan Lagasse, a teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. She chose to teach at GNBVT because she believes that technical schools are amazing at helping students achieve a career in their chosen field and giving them the opportunity to walk away with certificates in that trade. Her favorite thing about the school is how students are able to start working right after school in their chosen trade. Ms. Lagasse decided to become a teacher to give back, share her experiences with others, and watch the students grow and learn. She encourages young students to work hard by challenging them and keeping it fun to keep their interest. She says some of the people who have been her biggest supporters at the school are Erin Marcotte, Joanne Romanelli, and Cathy Rebello. She believes that GNBVT is a very safe and professional environment, but the caring people make it feel more like a family setting.

Ms. Lagasse attended Bridgewater-Raynham High School before continuing her studies at Fisher College, where she got an Associates in Medical Science with a secondary in Medical Assistants and Phlebotomy. She also attended Brockton School of Nursing and Southern New Hampshire, where she got a Bachelors in Health Science with a secondary in Healthcare Management. She has been working in the medical trade for over 35 years. Before coming to GNBVT, she worked in ERs, cancer units, addiction, pediatrics, neurology, infection control during the COVID-19 outbreak, homeopathy, general care, and teaching adults medical assistance.

She describes herself as caring, creative, and having the ability to listen and prioritize things. One of the things Ms. Lagasse tells herself to get through a tough day is that tomorrow is a new day and to be thankful for each day. Life continues, no matter what today’s problems are. She says that her greatest achievements are her four daughters, her grandchildren, six girls and four boys, and her great-grandchildren, two girls.


Article and Picture by: Olivia Hunt, Senior Media Technology