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Teaching has made me much more aware of the complexities of the world and that education is the answer to much of the world’s problems.

Scott Parker

Social Studies Teacher and Music Club Leader

Faces of GNBVT Scott Parker Picture

Meet Mr. Parker, a teacher at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Mr. Parker is an economics, US government, United States History teacher, and music club leader here at Voc-Tech. Mr. Parker is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, class of  1990. Before he knew he wanted to be a teacher, Mr. Parker got an internship at an elementary school during high school. “When I was in high school, I did an internship as a teacher at an elementary school in South Providence, RI.  Many of the students were refugees from Southeast Asia and had horrific stories about escaping their war-torn countries and coming to the United States.  It was this experience that made me realize that education is the foundation for a good life and a stable society.  This developmental experience made me realize that I wanted to be a teacher,” Mr. Parker reflected. Ever since then, he’s been improving the way he teaches and how he can help students. 

With teaching as his main job and a previously developed sense of playing music, Parker was interested in venturing out into other forms of playing music. Since the third grade, he enjoyed listening to many different kinds of music and started to learn to play the trumpet. “I founded the Music Club in 2009 when I began teaching at GNBVT and I have been advising the music club ever since. I created the Music Club because I went to a high school that did not have any opportunities to play music at school which was very disappointing to me. When I began working here, I realized that GNBVT did not have a program and wanted to create opportunities for the students to learn and play together,” Mr. Parker stated.

With Mr. Parker’s career, he’s been the happiest that he’s ever been, and is willing to keep teaching for as long as he can, “Teaching has made me much more aware of the complexities of the world and that education is the answer to much of the world’s problems” he said. Mr. Parker is an amazing teacher and member of the Voc-Tech community.

Article and Picture by: Lucas Pavao