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GNBVT is such a warm, welcoming school, every staff member and student is always willing to help anyone and everyone. Even on a bad day, there is always someone there to uplift you.

Sara Medeiros

Senior Visual Design

Faces of GNBVT Sara Medeiros Picture

Meet Sara Medeiros, a senior in Visual Design at GNBVT. As an outgoing individual, Sara works hard every day with the inspiration of her parents, who taught her to never give up on anything she can put her mind to. “They work so hard for everything and have taught me that I’ll have to work for what I want… Nothing is handed to you in life,” Sara said. She applies this saying to her own passions, whether it’s her love for photography or her drive in soccer. As a part of the Lady Bears soccer team, Sara feels connected to the sport, as she has been surrounded by it all her life. She is always there for her teammates, her friends, and her family. Sara says that she is happy with her high school experience, noting that every memory she’s made has been unforgettable. 

Despite challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, she tries to make the most out of her final year here through staying involved in programs such as SkillsUSA, community service, the GNBVT Craft Fair, and the After Prom Club and playing for the girl’s soccer team. As a senior in Visual Design, Sara has learned the importance of art, and how it applies to the world around us. She feels everything is connected to art in one way or another, and truly loves and works for that connection within herself. 

Her favorite part about being in the shop is the friendships she’s made. “I wouldn’t want to spend my four years of high school with anyone else. They are uplifting, understanding and won’t ever make you feel left out. Without them, I wouldn’t know how my high school experience would be. They have made it so much better for me.” By choosing Visual Design, Sara has furthered her education in the field and hopes to have a career in art.

Article and Picture by: Katelyn Pereira, Senior Media Technology