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“From the smallest memory, to the biggest interaction, I just want my mark to be positive.”

Nicholas Bennett

Teaching Assistant for Academy B.

Faces of GNBVT Jarrod Lussier Picture

Meet Mr. Nicholas Bennett, the Teaching Assistant for Academy B. What interested him in applying for this position was to become familiar with the new world of education at his own pace. Another aspect of this that drew his attention was being able to interact with a variety of students learning about different subjects. Becoming a teaching assistant appealed to Mr. Bennett because teaching, training, and development have always been a part of who he is. In every past work experience, he’s either been in mentorship programs or training positions. Mr. Bennett says extracurricular activities are just as important as academic pursuits. His teaching methods involve explaining how skills and lessons can be applied to real-life situations, which is why he hopes students will learn from him that life is unpredictable. “Mistakes won’t ruin you or your life, they’ll actually make life better, as long as you choose to grow from them.” Mr. Bennett hopes to learn just as much from both the staff and students here at GNBVT, as students and staff learn from him. Making a difference in his community is extremely important to him. He is very supportive in times of need, gives clarity or perspective in times of uncertainty, and strives to be a cheerleader for everyone even when there’s no one else in their stands. Mr. Bennett loves to travel as he has been to many places. He shared a story about a time he traveled that particularly inspired him. While visiting the Dominican Republic a few years ago, he stayed in an all-inclusive resort and struck up a friendly conversation with the waitstaff in the resort’s top restaurants about their wages. After they said they made $12 a week, he and the group he was with were in shock. Mr. Bennett explained “After that moment I told myself to never take my life for granted, the place I was born, the opportunities I was afforded, the material possessions, they are all a blessing. I was inspired to always give thanks, make sure that lived my life with gratitude.” Mr. Bennett family means the world to him. He sees himself raising a family or spending time with his nephew, nieces, godchildren, and closest friends, traveling the world together.

Article and Picture by: Sam Chase, Senior Media Technology