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“Everyone is an individual, so I try to listen to what each student needs to be their very best.”

Margaret Thurbide

Guidance Department Coordinator at GNB Voc-Tech

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Meet Mrs. Margaret Thurbide, a Guidance Department Coordinator at GNB Voc-Tech. This is Mrs. Thurbide’s first year of being a Guidance Department Coordinator; she has been a Guidance Counselor for 18 years and was ready to take on a new role this year. She says she is excited to work here because of the positive energy and different personalities of the students who attend here. A usual day of work for her is a lot of meetings with staff, guardians and students. She receives emails that she answers and other types of administrative tasks. The days she looks forward to is being able to interact with students whether in the cafeteria, classroom, shop, or in the hallways. “The role of the Guidance Department Coordinator is to help the counseling department run smoothly and be able to assist our students in the most effective way.” she stated.

A safe and professional work environment to her is when everyone else around her feels comfortable and at ease with physical and emotional safety, and when everything is inclusive and respectful. Mrs.Thurbide attended Wofford College, a small liberal arts college in South Carolina. She double majored in English and Spanish. Her strength is her sense of humor, she believes a good laugh may not fix anything hard in life but it could change the mindset and provide a touch of relief.

Mrs. Thurbides greatest achievement is her family, she is also proud of herself for running six marathons including the boston marathon four times. Her favorite childhood memory is visiting her grandparents at their beach house in Florida every summer, meeting with cousins, playing on the beach and eating lots of seafood. One thing that inspires Mrs.Thurbide is the students with their hard work, dedication and resilience. If Mrs.Thurbide could meet one person in the world she says she would meet Taylor swift. She wonders how stressful and complex her life is.


Article and Picture by: Neylani Perry, Senior Media Technology