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“Every feeling is temporary which is why it’s so important to enjoy every moment for what it is.”

Kiera Valentina

junior in the Cosmetology

Faces of GNBVT Jarrod Lussier Picture

Meet Kiera Valentina, a junior in the Cosmetology program here at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech.. Kiera has a zest for life and a passion for self-expression. She exudes creativity, ambition, and a genuine love for learning about the world around her. Kiera’s interests extend far beyond the realm of cosmetology; she is an avid enthusiast of astrology and enjoys a variety of hobbies, such as photography and baking.

When asked about her decision to attend GNBVT , Kiera shared a familial connection that played a pivotal role. “My sister and some other family members came to this school and enjoyed their time here,” she explained. Kiera’s time at GNB Voc-Tech has been nothing short of amazing, as she has forged meaningful connections with fellow students. Her passion for cosmetology was evident from the outset. Her love for art also led her to consider Visual Design. Ultimately, she chose Cosmetology, recognizing the potential to excel with her pre-existing skills and the guidance of her teachers and peers. Within her Cosmetology shop, Kiera is perceived as caring and open-minded. She aspires to turn her passion for cosmetology into a fulfilling career, specializing in vintage styles as a hairstylist and makeup artist.

Kiera has clear plans for her post-high school journey. She intends to gain valuable field experience while pursuing higher education and exploring the world through travel. When asked abouther biggest inspirations in life, she responded with how her family brings her a vast amounts in inspiration. Looking ahead, Kiera envisions herself traveling to various destinations worldwide, accompanied by her family and friends. She emphasizes the importance of embracing each moment, recognizing that every feeling is temporary. She offers advice to incoming freshmen, stressing the significance of striving for excellence while maintaining the well-being of both their grades and their mental health.

Kiera Valentina’s journey at GNB Voc-Tech is marked by a passionate pursuit of cosmetology, a commitment to self-improvement, and a deep appreciation for life’s transient yet beautiful moments. Her future is filled with promise, as she aims to make a positive impact in the world of cosmetology while exploring the vast horizons of travel and personal growth.


Article and Picture by: Ashanti Hepburn, Senior Media Technology