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I love the relationships that I get to build with the kids. I enjoy when I can help them in-school or out of school obstacles. 

Jarrod Lussier

Academy D Administrator and Technical Institute Director

Faces of GNBVT Jarrod Lussier Picture

Meet Mr. Jarrod Lussier, the Academy D Administrator and Technical Institute Director at GNBVT.

Growing up, his father was a large role model in his life. His father, who started his own plumbing business, taught him about the importance of good work ethic, humbleness, and frugality. Mr. Lussier was a plumbing graduate of the GNBVT Class of 2000. During his time as a student, he was involved in basketball, football, baseball, and participated in cooperative education. After high school, he worked with his father and brother for the family company for 10 years, earning both his Journeyman and Master plumbing licenses. He then decided to become a plumbing teacher at Southeastern Regional Voc-Tech in Easton, Ma. He served as a plumbing teacher for 8 years teaching all grade levels in both the shop and related. In his final year, he entered administration serving as the Vocational Supervisor. Within those 9 years, he attended Fitchburg State University to complete his professional teaching license and obtain his degrees. He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science, Occupational/Vocational Education and again in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching. In 2019, he returned home to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech to the school that made him fall in love with vocational education.

Mr. Lussier’s favorite aspect of his job is getting to help students from all different shops and backgrounds and establishing positive relationships with them. He hopes to inspire students to do their best, follow their dreams, and be good humans. He encourages all students to participate in clubs, sports, and other activities during their years at GNBVT. In addition to his role as Academy Administrator, he is the Director for the Technical Institute (adult education). He describes himself as a lifelong learner and plans to further his education by obtaining his doctorate. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children and staying active. During the summer he continues working in the plumbing field but occasionally enjoys a vacation with his family.

Article and Picture by: Ayla Simmons, Senior Media Technology