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Harrison Quintin

Senior Programming and Web Development

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Meet Harrison Quintin, a senior in Programming and Web Development at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Harrison has always been interested in computers — he enjoys using them to create and to think out of the box. It was this love of computers that inspired him to choose Information Technology. In the future, he would like to pursue a career in a computer-based field as the jobs and opportunities are incredible. 

After Harrison graduates high school, he plans on going to college at Bridgewater University and hopes to begin his career as a programmer at a website design company or become a history teacher. Some of his favorite things to do are playing music and studying classic films. Harrison is involved with a variety of clubs and programs at school including the student council, the drama club, and the music club. Over the summer, Harrison worked at Dominos. He often found it very stressful but it taught him a lot about good work ethic. 

One of his greatest achievements at GNBVT was that he was elected to serve as the class Vice President from freshman year to junior year and was elected as the class president senior year. In this role, he has had the opportunity to give speeches to the underclassmen about Voc-Tech and getting involved

Despite some challenges he faced being class president during a pandemic such as encouraging school spirit and coordinating events, Harrison has served his class well. What Harrison likes the most about coming to school is being surrounded by his friends. If he could give any advice to an underclassman he would say to go to all the football games and make a good bond with the students in your shop.

Article and Picture by: Tessa Laliberte, Senior Media Technology