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This being my last year brings me tears, and it brings me tears

Geinys Figaro

Senior Medical Assisting

Faces of GNBVT Geinys Figaro

Meet Geinys Figaro, a 17-year-old student in Medical Assisting at GNBVT. Geinys has gained many great memories during her four years at Voc-Tech, but one that stands out is being selected as a member of the Medical Assisting program. Despite some challenges she faced over the last four years, Geinys never regretted choosing Medical Assisting. Some advice she would like to offer to the freshmen is to not focus on other peers’ goals and to focus on their own. Also, be sure to pick a shop because it makes them happy, and not because their friend picked it. “Make sure that in four years from freshman year, you will want to continue doing what you were doing while in high school.” A big challenge she faced during high school is when Covid started. It really impacted her learning and attendance, preventing her from being on top of her A-game in school. A big piece of advice she would also recommend is to make sure to always stay on top of assignments and keep a good attendance to prevent falling behind. 

Geinys’ favorite aspects of shop have been placement and Co-op. She enjoys the hands-on experiences she gains and is currently working at Walgreens in the pharmacy department. “If you are interested in working in the medical field and would like to experience working in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. placement and Co-Op are great opportunities,” Geinys explained.

Geinys’ biggest supporters outside of school are her mother and godmother. These two women have been the best mother figures in Geinys’s life and have taught her to keep fighting for her goals. Her role models in school are medical teachers. “These women are very smart and passionate about their job,” Geinys reflected. They taught her to learn to love what she does in Medical Assisting. She is truly thankful that she got to experience four years of high school. In 5-10 years Geinys sees herself in the Army, attending college, and owning a home of her own. This being her last year brings Geinys joy, and it also brings her tears. She wants everyone to remember her as a funny, caring, and open-hearted person, with a lot of energy. 

Article and Picture by: Bryena DosSantos, Senior Media Technology