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“I want to be the best version of myself at all times so that I can hopefully be an inspiration to them.”

Derek Medeiros

Assistant Principals here at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech

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Meet Mr. Derek Medeiros, one of the new assistant principals here at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech. Mr. Medeiros has a long history of education being in his twentieth year of working with students. He has worked as a math teacher for both Keith and Normandin Middle Schools, a math coach at Pulaski, an assistant principal at Hayden McFadden and was the principal at Hathaway Elementary School in New Bedford. Recently, he was the principal of the Rochester Memorial School in the Old Rochester Regional School District. Mr. Medeiros came to GNBVT after hearing that it was one of the best institutions in the communities of New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth.

With his new title, Mr. Medeiros loves how much he is able to interact with the students. He cares about the well being and safety of every student at GNBVT which differs from his previous positions which was more of a policy based title. Everyday duties for Mr. Medeiros include managing arrival and dismissal routines, all safety drills and protocols, collaboration with SRO, lunch shift, hallway protocols, discipline, students support systems, security, and buses. One of his favorite things about GNBVT is the beautiful state of the art facility and the staff and students that he encounters everyday.

Mr. Medeiros believes that incoming freshmen should enjoy the experience here at GNBVT. Get involved in as much as you can and embrace the opportunity GNBVT offers in learning both academic and CVTE skills. For the seniors graduating this year he recommends they remember the lessons they learned during their time here and those lessons are going to be the ones that shape them into a better person.

In his personal life Mr. Medeiros coaches his daughter’s ice hockey team with the experience of playing on New Bedford High School’s ice hockey team for all for four years. Aside from his life of teaching and coaching he often spends time enjoying hobbies like pickleball and golf. Mr. Medeiros works every day inspired by his family to become the best version of himself to help every student to the best of his abilities.


Article and Picture by: Evan Bolieiro, Senior Media Technology