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I think this school does a really good job of helping you adjust.

Chloe Acevedo

Junior Media Technology

Faces of GNBVT Chloe Acevedo

Meet Chloe Acevedo, a junior in Media Technology. Chloe’s reasoning for choosing Media Technology is because she is interested in acting and film, and when she explored Media, she realized that there was an opportunity to merge her passions with her career. Chloe has always been a creative person, which is why she is excited for this year.

Chloe is a member of BPA and SkillsUSA. When asked what advice she would give to freshmen Chloe responded, “it may seem overwhelming but you adjust very easily and the school does a good job of helping you adjust and remember to always pick a path where you know you’ll be in for a while, because that path is about you and going to direct you.” 

Chloe’s favorite part of the day is when she gets very focused and motivated to get all her work done — even if she’s checked out, Chloe has learned to self-motivate and finds a way to get her work done. Her greatest strength is being self-aware of her surroundings which is great for the shop she’s in and it makes her have great critique skills.

After graduation, Chloe plans to pursue a career related to acting. Her biggest goal is to do something off-broadway or even on-broadway, but she does see herself in 5-10 years doing professional theatre on-stage or production. Theatre has always been a passion of Chloe’s. Chloe is a valued member of the Voc-Tech Theatre Company and is a lead character in this year’s production of “All Together Now!” 

Chloe’s hero is her mom, Ms. Acevedo who also happens to be an English teacher here at Voc-Tech. Chloe admires her mother’s work ethic and a positive mindset. Chloe takes these skills that she has learned from her mother into her everyday life. 

Article and Picture by: Emily Ramos