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“Respect each other, stay focused, and stay on task.”

Carlos Viveiros

Inside Security Guard at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech

School Security Officer Smiling

Meet Mr. Carlos Viveiros, an Inside Security at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Before applying, Mr. Viveiros worked for New Bedford Public Schools for over 10 years as a Behaviorist, and a resident supervisor at Meadowridge Academy for 13 years, where he won a Staff of the Year award. When a job for security opened up at GNBVT, he had an opportunity to join our community. His responsibilities as an Inside Security member are to keep students, staff, and the school safe. In stressful situations, he reflects before reacting and uses coping skills such as walking outside and listening to music. Through his position, he has learned to build new relationships with students who live near the area of the school.

Mr. Viveiros graduated from Durfee High School. After graduating high school, he attended Bristol Community College in Fall River and studied Liberal Arts. He didn’t always see himself working in schools. His first career goal was to become a police officer, but he changed his mind during his college years when he was allowed to work with young children in private schools dealing with emotional, social, and behavioral issues. He sees himself as a trendsetter and a leader who shares his experiences with others.

Mr. Viveiros is inspired by his mother as she led him down the right path and gave him the tools to be successful. His main motivation is his family as he was taught family always comes first, and is an important aspect of life for him. This summer, he took his family to Mexico and went camping in Connecticut. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, watching sports, and going fishing outside of work. In 10 years, he expects to still work at GNBVT and retire from here in the future. After he retires, his goals are to see the world through traveling and to own a home near the ocean.

Article and Picture by: Nate Santos-Ferreira, Senior Media Technology