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“Inspire the youth, believe in them.”
Brandon Andrade

History Teacher and the JV coach of the soccer team at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School.

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Meet Mr. Brandon Andrade, a History Teacher and the JV coach of the soccer team at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Mr. Andrade has been teaching for 8 years, and he’s in his 6th year teaching at GNBVT. Mr. Andrade attended Bridgewater State University, and is also an alumni of GNBVT. For him the best thing about being a history teacher is the opportunity to tell captivating stories about us. He also thinks that there are so many stories and cultures that we all connect to and are interested in.

Mr. Andrade likes to make his subject more interesting to his students by building connections, and make his classroom a place that is enjoyable. And he also likes to create lessons that are games or fun activities so that they are memorable and educational.

Mr. Andrade never thought about being a teacher until his last month of high school. He started to think about what he wanted to do with his life, and he wanted to do something that will help others. He wanted to be someone that could help the youth and inspire them to believe in themselves and their dreams. His biggest inspiration in regard to teaching is Mr. Ron Littlewood. He was the only teacher he ever had that was willing to take time out of his day to help him, and that made him want to become a teacher.

Outside of class, Mr. Andrade is also a JV coach of the Boys soccer team. His biggest dream after college was to come back to GNBVT to teach and also coach. So far he is loving his coaching experience, he loves being able to train with the lads and go out and win games. One way he helps his players during their bad form, is by believing in them, and seeing that even though they are going through a tough time or lack in confidence, you should believe in them and trust that they can help the team. He is hoping to help the team continue to add more trophies in its history and help the players create great memories that they won’t ever forget.

Outside of School Mr. Andrade loves to hike mountains, be outdoors, travel, spend time with his loved ones, going to church and Being a Pathfinder in his church. GNBVT is more than grateful to have someone as dedicated as Mr. Andrade


Article and Picture by: Isaac Teixeira Sanches, Senior Media Technology