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It’s better knowing that you tried than not trying at all.

Alyssa Santos

Junior Dental Assisting

Faces of GNBVT Alyssa Santos Picture

 Meet Alyssa Santos, a 17-year-old junior in the Dental Assisting shop. Alyssa is a very hard-working, kind, intelligent, and passionate student. She was encouraged to attend GNBVT by her brother who graduated from the HVAC program. Alyssa has enjoyed all the opportunities that the shop and academic cycles have offered her at this school. Alyssa has achieved many amazing accomplishments while in high school including her participation in the student mentoring program, becoming a member of the National Honor Society, and being ranked number one in her class freshman year and number two sophomore year. 

With these amazing credentials, she hopes to get accepted to a college in the Boston area. Alyssa is passionate about all the skills that she learned in her time as a Dental Assisting student and she hopes to continue using what she has learned within her shop to eventually work in a dental office, or come back to GNBVT and become a shop teacher.  This school year in academics Alyssa has chosen to enroll in both honors and AP classes. Despite the challenging workload of both those classes and shop, she is able to keep up her GPA.

Alyssa is an avid reader; she spends the majority of her spare time reading books on science fiction or fantasy. She also likes to stay active by walking her dog every day after school. She believes it is important to take breaks from school and have time for yourself to avoid being overwhelmed.  Some of her greatest strengths are writing, following directions, memorization, and public speaking. All of these skills make Alyssa a great student in both her shop and academic classes.

Alyssa is motivated by all the people in her life but her biggest motivator is her mom. “She is my biggest supporter, I’d have to say, she always supports me no matter what. She makes it easy for me to want to work hard and try my best because she is always there to help me and inspire me to be the best I can be because I know that’s what she wants and I’m glad she is there to be with me through everything.” Alyssa has already accomplished so much and has many goals for her future that she will surely accomplish. Alyssa is an incredible student and a great part of the Greater New Bedford Voc Tech Family.

Article and Picture by: Kylee Arruda