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Erin Almond

By Abbey Frias

Erin Almond Faces of GNB Picture

  Erin Almond is a Culinary Arts Senior, who is already on her way to becoming a Top Chef. She has been preparing herself through the four year shop curriculum at GNB-Voc Tech. Erin’s passion for cooking is sparked by her love of learning. She “likes to try cooking new things. It’s an adventure every time”. Erin has taken the position of head chef at her house and though she likes to branch out on her courses, her favorite dish to make is Tacos. She believes “anything in a taco shell tastes good”. Erin also prides herself on staying up to date on the newest food trends. In her career choice “if you’re not up to date on trends,you become irrelevant. You always have to learn new skills”.

That fearless and driven attitude about cooking was inspired by world renowned chef Julia Child, who Erin has looked up to for many years. Julia’s influence is shown through Erin’s cooking style and demeanor. She has even showed her admiration for Julia when competing in a table setting competition using inspiration from Julia’s style. Erin strives to be as successful and talented as her idol.

Erin has taken huge strides in preparing herself for the future and has even received early acceptance to Culinary Institute of America (CIA), one of the top culinary schools in the world. She is excited to start her future and career in upstate New York. Her life long goal is to move from being head chef at her house to head chef at a top Michelin star restaurant. Her getting into Culinary Institute of America makes her one step closer to obtaining that goal.

“I love to try cooking new things. It’s an adventure every time.”