Stationary Engineering

Program Description

Stationary Engineering is the study of operation of high pressure boilers and auxiliary equipment. More power plants are needed to meet the electrical needs for the increasing population. This results in a growing demand for highly skilled boiler operators.

Instruction is designed to prepare students for obtaining the Fireman’s license, which is necessary to work as a Stationary Engineer. This includes the theory and codes that govern boiler operation.

A major responsibility of the Stationary Engineering student is to construct an entire heating system. This starts at the boiler and includes radiators, unit heaters, vacuum pumps and condensation recovery systems. Oil burner technology for use in home heating systems is also a part of the curriculum.

Stationary Engineering students are also responsible for operating the school’s power plant, which provides the hot water, heating, and air conditioning throughout the building. Students are also responsible for operating the gas generator which accounts for 25% of the school’s power.

Graduates are qualified to enter the workforce and are prepared to continue their education in marine and plant engineering. Graduates may pursue numerous career paths, including positions as a boiler operator, oil burner technician, pipe fitter, control technician or in wastewater treatment or maintenance.



Paul R. Coelho – Curriculum Leader
Eduardo Fragata – Infrastructure Tech.
Jim Koska
Ildefonso Monteiro

Academy Administrator

Beverly Rebelo

Course of Study


Exploratory Program


Fundamentals of Mathematics
Introduction to Low Pressure Boilers
Industrial Maintenance
Stationary Engineering Shop


Engineering Math I
Steam Plant Operations
Systems and Equipment Drawing I and II
Stationary Engineering Shop


Tech Math and Job Estimating
Engineering Math II
Preparation for 2nd Class Fireman’s Exam
Systems and Equipment Drawing III
Stationary Engineering Shop

Career Opportunities

Assistant Fireman
Assistant Oil Burner Repairmen
Machine Operator
Pipe Fitter Assistant
Sprinkler Technician Assistant
2nd Class Fireman
1st Class Fireman
High Pressure Boiler Operator
Boiler Technician
Boiler Maker
Oil Burner Technician

Chief 3rd Class Plant Control Technician
Waste Treatment Operator
Maintenance Supervisor
2nd Class Engineer Chief
2nd Class Plant Control Room Operator
Watch Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Design Engineer
1st Class Engineer Chief
1st Class Plant Industrial Management Operational Coordinator