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Carpentry/Painting & Design

Program Description

The Carpentry program prepares students for employment in construction. Initially, students are taught the basic use of hand tools and begin projects to sharpen their woodworking skills. Students also use portable power tools in house construction, including framing exterior trim, roofing, and side walling. Once hand skills have been mastered, students learn to use many types of modern equipment such as table saws, planers, and lathes. Students are also introduced to entry-level CAD design.

When the basics have been mastered, students will then participate in construction projects outside of school. These projects, including remodeling, historical renovations, and housing, take place in New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven.

The Painting and Design Technology course is a two-year, chapter 74 approved program. As a painter, students will hang and finish sheetrock, prepare services for painting and finishing, apply coats using a full range of application methods and materials, mix and match paints and finishes, as well as perform decorative, or faux, painting and techniques. As a designer, students will be introduced to CAD programs and display boards in order to design living spaces that are functional, safe, and attractive. Students may also participate in theatrical set design for the Voc-Tech Theater Company. Students who are eligible may participate in Co-op during the last half of their senior year.



Jeff Fortin – Curriculum Leader
John Araujo
Frank Goncalves
David Doyle
Joseph Arruda
Neil Charbonneau
Christopher Perry
John Arruda

Teaching Assistant

Kevin Castino
Kyle Mello

Academy Administrator

Thaddeus Haggerty

Course of Study




6072 Builder’s Math I
6172 Residential Construction Techniques
7072 (10) Carpentry Shop


6073 Builder’s Math I
6173 Carpentry Technology I
6273 Construction Drawing I
7073 (11) Carpentry Shop


6074 Builder’s Math II
6174 Carpentry Technology II
6274 Construction Drawing II
7074 (12) Carpentry Shop

Career Opportunities

Apprentice Carpenter
Building Contractor
Building Maintenance
Building/Home Inspector
Cabinet Maker
Civil Engineer
CNC Operator
Construction Consultant

Construction Estimator
Construction Laborer
Contract Administrator
Cost Estimator
Dry Waller
Environmental Engineer
General Contractor
Insurance Appraiser
Project Manager

Property Manager
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Developer
Siding Installer