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Heidi Walsh
Room: J104
Ext: 764



The Co-Op program allows qualified students the opportunity to work at a job within their chosen field during school time. The students alternate between school and work on nine-day cycles. Cooperating companies hire students as regular employees at pay scales comparable to those of other entry-level people performing similar tasks.

Co-Op is a State approved, work-based learning program. Employers are required to pay the students, but have no further monetary responsibilities. They must provide a safe working environment, supervision by a person with journeyman status, and be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Students are evaluated each cycle by the employers, and are further evaluated by the Co-Op Coordinator and the employer each quarter. The Co-Op Coordinator is responsible for qualifying work sites for safety and work content, and will conduct regular site visits.

During the cycle the student is normally assigned to shop, he/she will instead report to his/her cooperative employer.

Student Job Opportunities

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