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2020 event cancellations

Due to state and national emergency, all events, internships, and co-op during school closure have been cancelled. We are not advocating for students to work during this time.

Please continue to monitor our district website and social media platforms for any updates regarding closures and cancellations.



Heidi Walsh
Room: J104
Ext: 764



The Co-Op program allows qualified students the opportunity to work at a job within their chosen field during school time. The students alternate between school and work on nine-day cycles. Cooperating companies hire students as regular employees at pay scales comparable to those of other entry-level people performing similar tasks.

Co-Op is a State approved, work-based learning program. Employers are required to pay the students, but have no further monetary responsibilities. They must provide a safe working environment, supervision by a person with journeyman status, and be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Students are evaluated each cycle by the employers, and are further evaluated by the Co-Op Coordinator and the employer each quarter. The Co-Op Coordinator is responsible for qualifying work sites for safety and work content, and will conduct regular site visits.

During the cycle the student is normally assigned to shop, he/she will instead report to his/her cooperative employer.

Student Job Opportunities

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