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GNBVT Early Childhood Education and Teaching

Students Engage in Virtual Learning


enrichment activities by early childhood studentsSophomore students in the Early Childhood Education and Teaching program at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech are making every effort to stay in contact with their preschool students during the school closure.

The sophomore students are assigned specific Preschool to Kindergarten standards to teach to the children at home through the use of YouTube videos. Students are incorporating lessons focused on concepts like reading stories, modeling questions, answers and key vocabulary terms, math and science lessons that the children can watch and do at home with their parents, social emotional skills and health and safety.

The sophomore students send their videos to their teacher, Mrs. Costa and she posts them on her YouTube channel.  Parents of the preschool students are notified that lessons have been posted via email. They are very excited and the children love watching the videos. It is a great opportunity for the sophomore students to stay connected.

Distance learning has become the norm across the Commonwealth as a result of COVID-19, but this has provided students with a unique opportunity to adapt and explore a variety of learning opportunities. This exercise is teaching our future teachers how to stay connected virtually, which is just one of many ways our students live up to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech’s core values: preparation, passion, and perseverance.