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Since the start of school in September, Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech has implemented the use of E-hallpass, which is a digital, cloud-based program that works as an alternative to paper hall passes.  This program allows students to use their school-issued devices to create passes to travel throughout the building, for teachers to track student location, and to ensure student safety. 

Superintendent Director, James O’Brien shared, “The school’s relatively small number of students in the building during our phase one A & B schedule, compared to its large footprint is one of the factors that enabled a safe reopening.  Social distancing measures in compliance with local guidelines are in effect. E-hallpass is a great tool to assist with meeting local guidelines.”

Information Technology and Digital Learning Director, Maciel Pais added, “As the district continues to advance technologically, E-hallpass will be used to monitor and reinforce limits on the number of students allowed in the hallways throughout the day.”

Passes are managed digitally and student devices can remain in the classroom, rather than the student having to take their devices with them.  This program also allows teachers and administrators to have access to how many students are out of the classroom in real time for not just restroom breaks, but visits to offices and other errands.

E-hallpass is able to function while maintaining student privacy; students are not required to use their personal devices to create a pass.  E-hallpass also cuts down on class interruption time, and student accountability. Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is proud to have taken this step to protect students’ safety and enforce social distancing.