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Test your knowledge about influential women in history . . . “The Did You Know? Women’s History Month Jeopardy Game” uses the fun facts provided by GNB Voc-Tech students in honor and celebration of Women’s History Month.

Why do we celebrate Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the courage of women in past generations and to celebrate how their efforts and bravery afforded women the opportunities and freedoms they have today.

It also is a great time to celebrate women who make a difference in your life: perhaps a mom, grandmother, sister, teacher, boss or mentor. Without the efforts of women from generations before us, who knows if these influential women in our lives would have had the opportunity to succeed?

Madeline Merinuk

writer ,

1st in the Trades
$100 Who was the first female to pass astronaut testing in 1961?
Edith Clarke
Plumbing, pipefitting, pipelaying, and steamfitting
Merit Ptah
Deanna Dunlevy
Lisa Leslie
Mary, Queen of Scots
38.8%, 25.3%, and 3.1%
Women Rock
Valentina Tereshkova
Clara Barton
Marie Curie
Aretha Franklin
Sybil Ludington
What year could women get credit cards on their own?
13,000 words
Rosie the Riveter
Lavinia Fontana
Notable firsts
Wyoming Territory
Victoria Woodhull
Lady Ada Lovelace
Bertha Benz

Fun facts for the month were provided by:

  • Aaliyah Rapso from Media Technology
  • Tailyn Jorge from Early Childhood Education
  • Jayson Negron from Carpentry
  • David Rodriguez from Carpentry
  • Sophia DeAlmeida from Programming and Web Development
  • Matthew Demello from Diesel Service Technology
  • Samantha Carreiro from Culinary Arts
  • Alexah Delmas-Azor from Engineering & Robotics
  • Ava Baganha from Media Technology
  • Simone Chaplin from Metal Fabrication
  • Destiny Bello from Engineering & Robotics
  • Joshua Amaral from Media Technology
  • Cayden DeMedeiros from Information Technology
  • Dylan Rosairo from Carpentry
  • Anyce Oris from Legal and Protective
  • Makayla Dia from Culinary Arts
  • Bella Branco from Culinary Arts
  • Sean DeArruda from Electrical Technology
  • Nia Rodrigues from Programming and Web Development
  • Maria Ulibarri from Medical Assisting
  • Owen Vieria from HVAC
  • Deja Lopes from Cosmetology
  • Maelah Barbosa from HVAC
  • Landen Dourado from Engineering and Robotics
  • Ayda Arbain from Visual Design
  • Aedan Nogueira from Electrical Technology
  • Kalista Fleming from Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
  • Christian DaRosa from Electrical
  • Jonaliam Castellanos from Carpentry
  • Cody Amaral from Engineering and Robotics
  • Gavin Davis from Automotive
  • Joseph Rebello from Machine Technology
  • Angele Semedo from Legal and Protective Services
  • Marissa Horton from Culinary Arts
  • Sebastian Raposo from Engineering & Robotics
  • Skye Meunier from Electrical Technology
  • Isabella Hansmann from Visual Design
  • Maynor Hernandez from Media Technology
  • Josephine Gonsalves from Media Technology

Post Questions Designed by:

Jade Antunes & Jay Silva