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GNBVT Launches Dell Student TechCrew, An Initiative Designed to Encourage Student Success in Technology

GNBVT is excited to announce that over the past few months, the students in the Information Support Services and Networking program have been participating in Dell TechCrew training. This exciting initiative has been a result of the collaboration between our IT department and the Information Support Services and Networking program.

IT instructors Charlie Glover and Ron Quintin has been working with their students who will eventually take over the program. Implementation of Dell TechCrew will alleviate IT resources; instead of sending broken Dell products and Chromebooks to Dell, the IT department will work with students to order repair parts through Dell and do the repair themselves. This eliminates the need to send equipment back and forth – minimizing the repair times. Designed as a student-led help desk, participants earn their Dell TechDirect certification. Once certified, TechCrew students support their peers and school staff members with technology issues. In the process, they gain career development skills including critical thinking, entrepreneurship, customer service and personal brand development.

IT and Digital Learning Director, Maciel Pais wanted to collaborate with IT teachers to bring back a student help desk to GNBVT. Our students have the skills to excel in this program and with the ongoing growth of technology in the classroom, the time is now. Not only is this a great program for students to engage with hands-on, real-world experience, but it is also an amazing resource to the school and overall digital learning experience. “Students of Information Support Services and Networking are embracing the Dell Student TechCrew,” Mr. Pais said. “Our students have the ability to participate in a world class training program gaining qualifications that will equip them with skills they need to be successful in the Information Technology field and assist our school’s IT department.”

Dell Technologies announced its interactive, skills-focused Student TechCrew program which empowers all students with skills, resources and technology to build a diverse talent pipeline for the future workforce, which aligns directly with the mission of GNBVT.