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Miss New Bedford Outstanding Teen 2022, Hannah Lima, is promoting her social impact initiative “Time-Today-Transformations Tomorrow: Creating a Culture of Kindness Through the Power of Time.” She submitted a proposal to Mayor Mitchell and he will be declaring April 1, 2022 as an Official Day of Kindness in New Bedford.

At GNB Voc-Tech we encourage faculty and students to participate as a school in various ways that promotes the importance of performing acts of kindness. Please review the list of ideas and activities and if you incorporate any of them within your classroom, please let Ms. Yolanda Dennis know.

When documenting the day, everyone should use the hashtag #NBdayofkindness to show what they did to help make it a more joyful day for the GNB Voc-Tech community!

April 1 Day of Kindness Ideas

  • Make a Kindness Mural – Choose a large, blank wall in the school to create a kindness mural that art classes work on together. This can be something that is done on large paper, a series of separate projects displayed together or even painted on a blank wall. This works especially well with schools that have a lot of graffiti artists, as this means you have a large group of very artistic students who could easily create something beautiful and inspiring that the school will enjoy for years to come.
  • Design a Kind Classroom Wall – Similar to the classroom mural, but contained inside the classroom, dedicate a classroom wall to their kindness creations. Give each student one sheet of paper in the shape
    of a large heart and allow them to decorate it however they wish, with the theme of kindness. They can write lyrics, draw, paint, put pictures they cut out of magazines, etc. By allowing each student to
    represent themselves in the art, you’ll see a piece of who they really are. Give them class time to create and then display them as a giant wall of art.
  • Play Kindness BINGO – Print blank BINGO cards or create your own that have ideas for ways they can show kindness to others. This is a great opportunity to incorporate anti-bullying ideas your school is working on and then play a fun game of bingo. Use sweetheart candies or another festive Valentine’sDay treat (plastic gems or pink and red puffs work well for non-candy schools) and enjoy playing!
  • Make Cards for the elderly or military – Students can make cards with uplifting messages to send to either area nursing homes or the military.
  • Watch a short movie with the class or read a book – Play a short movie such as Color your World with Kindness or The Olive Branch, or read a book, then launch a classroom discussion on kindness.
  • Rock Painting – Bring in rocks and have students paint inspirational messages on them. They can then give one to get one; everyone puts their rocks in a pile and they get to pick another one or encourage
    them to give them to someone they know.

Ideas on how to celebrate and promote kindness are endless. Maybe have a class conversation about the upcoming day of kindness and have students come up with a classroom activity to do on April 1st.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS: Miss New Bedford wants to recognize you! Send photos (which are authorized and permissible for re-posting online) along with a short caption to These will be posted to Miss New Bedford’s social media accounts as well as the official Miss New Bedford scholarship organization accounts.

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