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Cynthia Kroudvird

cynthia faces of GNBVT picture

     Cynthia Kroudvird has worked at GNBVT for nine years and thinks the journey so far has been amazing. Cynthia decided to apply at Voc-Tech when her friend Lori Lima, the cafeteria manager, asked her to fill out an application for the job of cashier. Cynthia had already been retired for about a year so she decided to fill out the application. Before working at Voc-Tech she worked for 25 years in many different environments, from retail to property management. Cynthia’s main role is cashier but when they need help preparing the food she jumps in to help. Outside of school Cynthia enjoys her daily workout routine, as well as reading and playing golf. “I am an artist and have posted some of my works on my Facebook page. I’m also a writer of stories and poetry”. Cynthia keeps a positive attitude. She tries to smile and laugh as often as she can. Greeting the students everyday is a pleasure for her and it gives her a good feeling when it puts a smile on their face. One of Cynthia’s favorite GNBVT experiences has been getting to see the students grow from freshmen to seniors and getting to know them better each year. Cynthia thinks “GNBVT is a family” and she believes that the relationship with all the students, teachers and administration is very strong and positive!

“GNBVT is a family.”