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Greater New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech High School has create a new opportunity for students to learn a high-skilled, high-paying career in marine technology and aviation.  

 This new program will prepare students to pursue a variety of career paths in the marine industry, such as marine mechanic, underwater welder, or boat captain.  Also, with offshore wind coming into the area, this program has a potential to introduce students to a new industry that very few people in America are trained in the field.  Lastly, as the program expands over the next few years, it could possibly include aviation.  If aviation is added to this program, the program will integrate four more focuses in the curriculum: general avionics, airplane safety and mechanics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and piloting.

Initially, in Marine Technology, students are taught the fundamentals of engine operation which includes operating procedures on gasoline internal combustion engines, such as general maintenance, fuel system diagnostics and repair.  Throughout the program students will have the opportunity to obtain their SCUBA certification, AWS (American Welding Society) welding certification, OSHA 10-Hour certificate as well as work towards their ABYC certifications. All curriculum is in accordance with the nationally recognized American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) regulations.

Like all the career majors offered at GNB Voc-Tech, the curriculum will be delivered using a multimodal approach which includes both hands-on learning and classroom theory instruction.   With the Massachusetts Marine Trades Affiliation predicting 3,000 job openings within the New Bedford area over the next few years, this program can not only be useful for graduating students but also vital to the community.

Learn more about this new opportunity for a Career Vocational Technical Education by clicking on the button below.

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